Are Zinsco Circuit Breakers a Fire Hazard ?

As an electrical contractor we have seen many Zinsco/Sylvania electrical panels and circuit breakers. We believe that the owner of such equipment needs to be given factual information on his electrical system and then make up his or her own mind on a course of action. The “Inspetapedia” reports about a 25% of Zinsco/Sylvania panels inspected have damage. But the report does not give details on the age of equipment, atmosphere around the panel or correctness of installation. We think that all of these factors play an important part in the decision of rather to replace the panel and circuit breakers or leave as is. Removing circuit breakers for inspection prepossess is not recommended but rather a thermal scan of the circuit breakers for locating possible trouble spots is recommended. Some of the panels that we’ve seen are in good shape visually and may require no maintenance or replacement.

Here are some websites that I found very helpful:

• InspectAPedia 
• Underwriters Laboratories 
• Consumer Product and Safety Commission (CPSC)

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