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Commercial Lighting Load Centers

Commercial lighting load centers can be quite a challenge in modern electrical installations. A simple definition of a commercial lighting load center would be, a panel board used to distribute 480 or 208 volt three phase power to individual 277 or 120 volt single phase lighting circuits. A typical panel will be populated with switch rated over current devices while more sophisticated systems will include integrated controls to utilize devices such as photocells, timers, motion sensors, and smart switches. Read more

Important Commercial Lighting Tips to Consider for All Businesses

When owning your own business, it is essential to promote your company and show it off in a positive light. This is true both figuratively and literally, as exceptional commercial lighting is important for enhancing the way your business looks and how a visiting customer sees it. Lighting enhancements makes your business look better, it shows off all of your resources and allows customers to experience your business to the fullest of its potential. This is exactly why it is important to take advantage of these top five commercial lighting enhancements. Read more