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Why Work With Phoenix Electric?
Reliable, Affordable, Professional, Clean

Phoenix Electric is team of fully insured, bonded and licensed electrical contractors who you can trust. Our electricians are on call in Beaverton 24 hours a day because we truly want you to know you can count on us being there in your time of need. Our 100% 1-year guarantee for all our work is another way that we try to prove that you can rely on us – this also adds value to the electrical work that we do for our customers. Keeping the electrical and lighting work we do as affordable as possible is one of our more important goals. We are not just after one big job from you, we really want you to trust us to be a fair partner so that you keep calling us for all your electrical needs. Having a team of electrical contractors with a strong history is one way we can cut down on labor and overall costs because the best contractors get work done faster and use materials more efficiently.

Phoenix Electric focuses highly on maintaining professionalism during all lighting and electrical work that we perform. One part of this professionalism is valuing cleanliness. We don’t think you should have to clean up after an electrician leaves. At the end of each workday, or when the job is complete, we ensure that your space is left looking just as great as when we showed up. Our professionalism doesn’t stop there – we are clear communicators, we are courteous, and we are thorough. It is our goal that you are aware of everything we are doing, when, and why we are doing it. We also work hard to ensure that a job is never left with some aspect forgotten or neglected due to time or some other restraint.

An electrician for any job, big, small, or huge
Voice and data systems, code violations, load centers, transformers, solar power, fuses, fuse boxes, landscape lighting, indoor lighting, wiring, re-wiring, and much more.

Phoenix electricians are ready to help you today with all types of electrical jobs; residential, industrial, or commercial. We can effectively service any type of electrical job due to strong and effective knowledge sharing amongst our experienced electricians – what one of us learns gets taught to everyone on the team, often in a hands on demo. We also highly encourage continuing education for all our electrical contractors so they are always aware of the newest and best ways to get the job done.

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