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Thermal Imaging

Electrical Power Analysis

Bad electrical connections and overload situations can cost businesses millions of dollars in unscheduled downtime and dangerous fires.

electrical thermal analysis
Thermal Imaging

Catch problems early

Phoenix Electric offers thermal imaging because in all electrical systems, poor design, poor workmanship, and faulty components can be located long before they become a serious problem.

analysis of electrical system
Infrared Systems

Save money & time

Whether your facility is new or old, Infrared Systems equipment can save you money and time. Your company may also be eligible for insurance discounts by having your electrical panel thermal imaged.

Electrical Power Analysis

What you need to know

Electrical Power Analysis provides clients with detailed information on the power usage in their Portland area home or business.

Detailed info

Analsyis provides clients with detailed information on the stability of the utility power serving the building, how much power is being consumed and peak time of power demands.

Custom analysis

We can customize our services depending upon your needs and can perform power analysis on all or just part of the electrical system in your home or business.

Vital information

We double check the billing from the utility company is correct, advise on solutions to reconfigure peak demand time period to reduce energy costs, and troubleshooting.

Improve efficiency

The power analysis process can increase our clients power capacity by maximizing the existing service along with saving them money by identifying problem areas.

Yes, we can handle that for you!

Thermal Imaging Services

If it's not on the list, contact us. No job too big or too small.

  • Load centers
  • Panel
  • Starters
  • Panel boards
  • Transformers
  • Power analysis
  • Breakers
  • Disconnects
  • Motors
  • Thermal Pictures
  • Services equipment
  • Analysis harmonic
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Circuit Tracing
  • Electrical Services
  • Circuit breakers
  • Control panels
  • Floor Heat Repair
  • Sun Touch floor Heat
  • Terminal junction boxes
  • Main distribution panels
  • Nuheat under floor heating